Crossing the Boundaries: Cultural Studies in the UK and US

Laurence Raw


Pete Remington

Of Boundaries, Borders and Crossings: A Critical Introduction



Part 1:

Literary into Cultural Studies

Himmet Umunç

Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach": A Cultural Polysemy

Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi

Shakespeare Transformed

Piotr Kuhiwczak

British Studies and High Culture



Part 2:

Popular Cultures

 Süheyla Kırca

Feminism, Femininity and Popular Culture: Reading Beauty Advertisements in Women’s Magazines

Can Abanazır

The Voices of the Streets: Rap and Punk

Gülriz Büken

The McDonaldisation of Britain

Åžebnem Toplu

Reconstructing the Fractured Self: Sarah Woodhouse’s Meeting Lily



Part 3:

Postcolonial Cultures

Oya Batum MenteÅŸe

An Analysis of ‘otherness’ in Jean Rhy’sWide Sargasso Sea and Lawrence Durrell’s Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

Gönül Pultar

The Empire Writes Back Bilingually: Taner Baybars's "Gülten"

Dean Franco

Ethnic Writing: Writing Ethnicity

Z. Rüçhan Kayalar

The Socio-cultural Conflicts of the Colonial Individual: V. S. Naipaul and His Protagonists



Part 4:

Culture and Gender

Burçin Erol

The Impact of the Two World Wars on the Roles and Rights of Women in Britain and the United States

Gülsen Canlı

Prescribed Representation of Women and Feminist Dynamics in the Theatre

Ünal Norman

An Abortive Attempt: Tess

Sevda Çalışkan

The Fallen Woman: Hester Prynne

Edited by:

Laurence Raw
Gülriz Büken
Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi
With an introduction by Pete Remington