The History of Culture, the Culture of History

Laurence Raw


Section A:


Susan Bassnett

The Translation Turn in Cultural Studies

W. Randall Ward

Speculative Pre-Histories and Real-World Futures: How Fictional Pasts Can Help Determine the Future



Section B:

History and Cultural Studies

 Michael Pickering

History, Cultural Studies and the Question of Tradition

Oya Batum MenteÅŸe

Representations of History: Erendiz Atasü's The Other Side of the Mountain and Pat Barker's Regeneration

Donald McDonough

Darryl Pinckney’s Search for Identity in High Cotton

Ronald Tamplin

Statues, War and Empire

Engin Uzmen

Nationalism in Shakespeare

G. Sinem Bingöl & Aykut Uluer

Reinvention of Rudyard Kipling and Bateman's

Gülsen Canlı

Construction and Deconstruction of Stereotypes



Section C:

Historical Surveys

Burçin Erol

British Colonial Expansion and the Expansion of British Food Culture 1500-1800: "Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are."

Åžebnem Toplu

English Kings vs. the Ottoman Sultans: Life in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain and the Ottoman Empire

Seçkin Ergin

Two Models of English Colonisation in North America and the Formation of the Early American Cultural Identity

Meldan Tanrısal

Squaws and Princesses or Corn Maidens: Misconceptions and Truths about Native American Women



Section D:

Global Cultures

Chris Rumford

The Politics of Identity or the Politics of Disorientation?: "The Return to Culture" in Postcommunist Europe

Simon Philo

Getting Dumber and Dumber: MTV’s Global Equivalent

William S. Haney II

Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five and the Impact of War on American Culture: Shell-shock or Hysteria

Edited by:

Laurence Raw
Gülriz Büken
Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi