Popular Culture(s)
Laurence Raw


Section A: Theories of Popular Culture
Ray B. Browne

The Arts and Cultures

Chris Rumford

Popular Cultures, Unpopular Ideologies

Oya Paker, ÇiÄŸdem Leblebici, Oya Somer, Kâmil Orhan & Suat Soylu Social Representation Theory: A Social Psychological Approach to Cultural Studies
Section B: Western Popular Cultures
AyÅŸe Lahur Kırtunç

American Millennialism: Paranoid Visions of the Apocalypse

Jeanne Dubino

Post-Colonial Post-Modernist Responses to Popular Cultural Imperialism

G. Sinem Bingöl

The High/Popular Culture Paradigm of Consumerism in Britain

Gülsen Canlı

Roles of Teen Magazines in the Development of Teenage Identity

Donna Wyckoff Romancing Reality: Newsstand Novels and Sexual Morality
Leo J. Mahoney Archives and Secret Intelligence in the Novels of John le Carré
Nicholas J. Cull

Who is "Doctor Who"? Popular Television Science Fiction and British Identity 1963-1989

Gertrude Durusoy A Comparative Study of Books for Children as Popular Culture
Section C: Turkish Popular Culture
David Espey Turkey and the Travel Writer: The Past and the Palimpsest
Kâmil Aydın A Popular Representation of Turkey in the 20th Century Through Western Cinema: A Visual Panorama
Murat Seçkin Reading Detective Fiction: Thrillers, Whodunits, and Spy Catchers
Ayhan Kaya Cultural Bricolage and ‘Double Diasporic Cultural Identity’ amongst Turkish Hip-Hop Youth in Berlin
Süheyla Kırca Popular Culture: An Enemy of the ‘Feminist Movement’ or an Accomplice for Women’s ‘Liberation’?
Nuran Erol & Oya Paker Constructing Everyday Life in Turkish Cultural Studies… Really?
Section D: Reviews
Damla Işık The Trainspotting: A Metaphor for 1990’s Youth
Seçil Saraçlı Sport Movies and the Myth of the Small Town
Tuna Ä°ncesulu Radio and Consumer Culture in Turkey
AyÅŸe Göçer The Study of Popular Culture in Turkey: A Student Perspective
Edited by:

Gülriz Büken
Laurence Raw
Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi