New Cultural Perspectives in the New Millennium

Laurence Raw

Introduction: Cultural Studies and the New Millennium

Judith M. Wilks

The Emergence of KöroÄŸlu as a National Hero

Ä°smail ÖÄŸretir

From the Pacific Coast to the Steppes of Central Asia: A Comparative Study on John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and Chinghiz Aitmatov’s Farewell, Gulsary!

Metin Ekici

Popularisation of KöroÄŸlu's Epic Stories

Zeynep Kılıç

Dual Citizenship: Diminished Loyalties?

Rezzan Kocaöner Silkü

Postcolonial Perspectives:

The Changing Image of Africa in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

Mary Louise Hill

Return to Radio

Mehmet Takkaç

Female Survival in the Contemporary Society Without Causing Feminist Polemic as Reflected in Pam Gem’s Piaf, Camille, and Loving Woman

Feryal Çubukçu

Deconstructing Women’s Magazines

 Jaroslav Kušnir

Criticism of Popular Culture in Brautigan’s Novel Willard and His Bowling Trophies: A Perverse Mystery

Elif Leyla Toprak

Narrative Comprehension and Script Theory: Culture Specific Understanding

Victoria Amador

Her Life Closed Twice Before Its Close: The Death of the Cult of Diana

Joel Hudson

Intercourse in Every Direction: America as Global Agent and Product

AyÅŸe Lahur Kırtunç

Shérazad Strikes Back

Edited by:

AyÅŸe Lahur Kırtunç
Gülriz Büken
Laurence Raw
Rezzan Silkü