Globalization and Transcultural Issues in the New World Order

Atilla Silkü

Remembering Prof. Dr. M. ReÅŸit Küçükboyacı

Pete Remington




Part 1:

Local and Global: Who Controls What?

Birol Akgün

Localism versus Globalism: An Emerging Cleavage in Turkish Politics

Melek Atabey

Global Media and the Turkish Experience

TuÄŸrul Ä°lter

Colonising Cyberspace: Is the Internet/WWW the New Commons Under Threat of Enclosure?

Åžerif Hepcan

A New Challenge in the Globalisation Process: Sustainable Urban Environmental Management



Part 2:

Individual Responses (I): The Case for Literature and A Case of Cultural Studies

 Erendiz Atasü

Can Literature Build a Bridge?

Sema Bulutsuz

A Portrait of the Artist as a Parasite

Eugene Ostashevsky

Translating Poetics, A Parable

Mine Gencel Bek

Questioning the Division of Political Economy and Cultural Studies



Part 3:

Individual Responses (II): Women Rewriting Difference

Leslie Frost & Defne Ersin

Hamam: Reflections on a Turkish Bath

Mary Louise Hill

Galata Trip-Tik: The Traveller as Improv-Artist in Modern Turkey

Jeffrey Howlett

Nawal El-Saadawi’s Women at Point Zero: The Birth of a Native Egyptian Feminism



Part 4:

Media and Gender

Konca Yumlu &

Nimet Ömür

Gender in Domestic Television Serials and Its Reflection in Personal Communication

Nuran Erol

Unmasking Savage Identities in Turkish Popular Culture



Part 5:

Community, Nation and State

Ahmet BeÅŸe

American Democracy with Regard to Cultural Diversity

Zafer F. Yörük

Representing the Other: The British Documentary Movement and Hollywood Cinema

Peter Loizos

Troubling Films and Troubled Peoples: British TV and African Conflicts


With an introduction by Pete Remington

Advisory Editors:

Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi & Gülriz Büken