Selves at Home, Selves in Exile

Section 1:

Home in Turkey

George Messo

Poems in Submission for Ege University Cultural Studies Symposium

Gertrude Durusoy

Ä°zmir Born Seferis between East and War

Özlem ÖÄŸüt

Journey toward a Multiplied Self: Simultaneous Erasure and Re-inscription of the Subject in Orhan Pamuk’s The New Life

Emine O. Ä°ncirlioÄŸlu &

Barış Kılıçbay

Not Quite So Safe at Home: Domestic Violence or Bitter-Sweet Home

AyÅŸe Deniz Özkan &

Pınar Uyan

Foreigners at Home and Natives Abroad



Section 2:

Turks Abroad

Talip Küçükcan

Modes of Belonging: Articulation of the Turkish Youth in Diaspora

Pınar Akçalı

Identity and Locality: The Case of Central Asia

Hasine Åžen

The Concept of "Home(land)" in the Experience of the 1989 Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria



Section 3:

'Placeless' Identities

A. Clare Brandabur

Palestinian Exile-Postcolonial Vision: The Work of Edward W. Said

Suzannah Mirghani

Nomad Woman Got No Home to Go to



Section 4:

Home in Central and Eastern Europe

Peter Shopov

The Bulgarian-Americans: Half Selves at Home, Half Selves Abroad

Nurgül Kıvılcım Yavuz

"Seulette suy et seulette veuil estre": The Allegory of Emplacement in Christine de Pizan’s Cité des dames

Maria Alexe

Romanian Identity in Mircea Eliade's Novels and Short Stories

Suzana Carmen CismaÅŸ

Describing Homes and Reconstructing the Traditional National Space in European Realistic Rural Novels

Evemarie Dragonavici & Andreea Rusen

Here or There – Where Do I Fit in?



Section 5:

Back to the Mainstream: British Experiences of Home

Jason Gleckman

Discord in the Early Modern Home

Pete Remington

Arthur Dent and Me

Işıl Baş

Palimpsestic Cultures, Hybridized Selves and the Politics of Hyphenated Spaces in The Moor’s Last Sigh

Sinan Akıllı

Feminine Rites of Passage and Masculine Rites of Return: A Gendered Reading of Cultural Transplantation in Buchi Emecheta's Kehinde

Mukadder Erkan

Self in Exile: Beckett’s Decentralized Self

Jozefina Komporály

"Let Me Remember Who I Am": Maternal Love and Exile as Quests for Identity in Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Credible Witness

Nevin Yıldırım Koyuncu

'Body' as a Metaphor of 'Home' and 'Self-exile': Fay Weldon’s Puffball

Åžebnem Toplu

Intercultural Marriage: Contemporary Expressions of Displacement/Emplacement in British Fiction



Section 6:

Crossing the Atlantic – American Experiences of Home

Ä°smail ÖÄŸretir

Anglo-American Literature: Flight-line (A Re-reading of Anglo-American Literature from Deleuzean Perspective)

Deborah Tall

Geographical Genealogy: Finding Ourselves in Place

Clifford Endres

Home and Exile in American Country Music (with a Footnote on Turkish Arabesk)

Daniela Daniele

Kay Sage: Cultural Displacement Breeds China Eggs

Gregory Dowling

What Robert Frost Means by Home

Mel Kenne

"A Face to Meet the Faces That You Meet": Masks of Exile in the Poetry of Pound and Eliot

Bilge Mutluay

The Search for the Homebound Road in Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things and Timbuktu

Laurence Raw

With an introduction by Pete Remington

Edited by:

AyÅŸe Lahur Kırtunç
Atilla Silkü
Kenneth W. Rose
Murat Erdem