When Away Becomes Home

Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi


Dirk Hoerder

Many-Cultured Societies and Migrants’ Life Projects from National Master Narratives to Transcultural Societal Studies

Abdel Karim Mohammad

"And We Are of Clay and Light": Palestinian National Discourse on the Border between Myth and History





Christine Inglis

The Tyranny of Distance: Turkish Transnationalism from an Australian Perspective

Marie Carlson

Discourses on Family and Identity within Swedish Language Courses for Immigrants: Contradiction and Transgression

Bengt Jacobsson

Text and Talk about the Concept of Integration in Introduction Programmes for Refugees and Newly Arrived Immigrants in Sweden

Mary Lou O'Neil

Disingenuous Connections: The Inadequacy of International Law Dealing with Dual Nationals

David Berry

New Representations of Asylum Seekers and Issues Relating to Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom

Maria Antonietta Mariani

Sharing Space and Time on the Shifted Boundaries of Migration

 Paulette Dellios &

Cahide Atakan

Our Ancestors and Kismet

Onur Ä°nal

The Levantines: Western Migrants in the Orient: Reflections on Their Culture, Heritage and Impact on Ä°stanbul and Ä°zmir

Daniel Meier

Palestinians of Lebanon: Exclusion through Integration: A Study Based on Mixed Marriages between Lebanese and Palestinians

Nurgün Oktik

Ne Oralı Ne Buralı: Ä°ki Kültürlü Olmak

Anita H. Fábos

Contested Metanarratives: Egyptian Narrative Hegemony and Sudanese Gendered Resistance in Cairo

Samira Kortantamer

Slaves at Home, Sultans Abroad: The Medieval Turkish Mamlûks of Egypt

Cüneyt Kanat

Memlûk Devleti’ndeki Mültecilerin Ortak Yanları

Bahar Gürsel

"Desperate Diseases Require Desperate Remedies": Italian Immigrants and Lynching in the United States

ÇaÄŸla Ünlütürk

Göç Olgusunun Kadın EmeÄŸi Üzerine Etkileri



Representations in


David Espey

The Migrations of Richard Wright

Sezgi Durgun

Forgotten Years: Memoirs of Niyazi Berkes

Anna Clarke

Cultural Identities in the Context of Migration: Anita Desai’s Bye-Bye Blackbird

Anna Izabela Cichon

J. M. Coetzee’s Autobiographies as Narratives of Dislocation

Frauke Matthes

"Migrating Words": Emine Sevgi Özdamar's Approach to Gaining and Owning Language

Veronika Bernard

Not to Get Lost in Translation: What Texts of German Literature Written by Authors of Turkish Origin May Teach Us about Migration and Integration

Laurence Raw

The Turk Abroad: Tunç Okan’s Otobüs (1974)

Andrea Hugill

Dada and Surrealism Transformed in the Art of Mona Hatoum

Nelly Gillet

When the Kingdom of Tonga Became Her Home: Patricia Ledyard’s Experience of Migration

Seçkin Ergin & Emine Sonal

The Migration Narratives in John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath and YaÅŸar Kemal’s The Wind from the Plain

Oya Dinçer DurmuÅŸ

Türkiye’de Ä°ç Göç Sonucu OluÅŸan Toplumsal/Kültürel DeÄŸiÅŸmelerin Türk Sinemasında Yansımaları

Gülsenem Çobaner &

AyÅŸe Toy Par

Türk Sinemasında DönüÅŸ Öykülerinde DeÄŸiÅŸen Göçmen KimliÄŸi

Carolyn Jess

Here, There, and Then: Memories of Home and Temporal Distances in Uzak (Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 2002)

Igor Maver

Literary Voices of the Two Homelands: Slovene Migrant Literature in Australia

Edited by:

Günseli Sönmez Ä°ÅŸçi
Dilek Direnç
Gülden HatipoÄŸlu