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Overtones Procedure and Stylesheet




  • Articles and reviews should follow MLA parenthetical citation format and the journal’s paper submission template.
  • All articles are assigned manuscript numbers within 48 hours of submission once they are approved by the editor who checks if the articles follow the journal’s guidelines.
  • All articles are listed after the annual deadline (September 15) and sent to double blind evaluation within two weeks (October 1).
  • The evaluation process of the reviewers is two months (December 15).
  • Accepted articles are sent back to the authors for necessary corrections. The authors then have two weeks to work on their manuscripts according to reviewers’ suggestions (December 30) and submit their revised articles along with a short bio (max. 100 words) an abstract (max. 150 words) and 8 keywords.
  • If one of the reviewers rejects the article, the author is advised to work on the article and send it once again to be evaluated for the next issue during the forthcoming year. Articles accepted by both reviewers are to be published in the current volume of the journal.





 Font/Font size

Articles must be written in Times New Roman 10pt.

 Paragraphs

First line indents must be 1cm.

 Quotations

Block quotations more than four lines must be in 9 pt and indented by 1.5 cm left and 0,5 cm right.

Leave one empty line before and after the quotations. These empty lines must be 9 pt.

 Titles

Do not mark any titles or subtitles within your article with special indicators and styles such as Headings provided within Word.

Do not underline titles. Use italics instead.

 Punctuations

Do not leave a double space after punctuations. Leave only one space.

 Footnotes

Do not use endnotes. Use footnotes and automatically number them using your word processor.

 Page numbers

Do not insert page numbers. Leave pages without numbering them.

 Headers or Footers

Do not use or write any information in Headers or Footers

 Page breaks, section breaks

Do not use page breaks, section breaks, etc.

 In-text citation

When citing from a novel, the title of the novel must be given, not the author, i.e. use (The Book of Daniel 90) instead of (Doctorow 90).

To indicate emphasis use the phrases (emphasis mine) or (emphasis original) where necessary.

Do not use “ibid.”

Do not cite the year of publication in paranthesis, i.e. use (My Cleaner 53) instead of (2005,53).

Do not use (qtd. in), when citing a quotation from another author, i.e. use (in Martens) instead

of (qtd. in Martens)

 Works Cited

Titles in Works Cited list: hanging line must be indented by 1cm.

The Works Cited list should not include any works not actually cited in the article.

Examples for references in the Works Cited list should be as follows:

 From a book

Levin, Ira. Rosemary’s Baby. New York: Signet, 1997.

Article from a journal: (page numbers of article must be given)

Lima, Robert. “The Satanic Rape of Catholicism in Rosemary’s Baby.” Studies in

American Fiction 2 (Autumn 1974): 211-222.

*Instead of a Works Consulted list, use footnotes where appropriate.